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For more than 80 years we are taking care of people’s well-being and health. Experience and will to innovate made us a modern multinational pharmaceutical industry, solidly based in Europe with a global distribution capacity.

Who we are

An international group continuously growing, engaged in manufacturing and distributing therapeutic solutions of the highest quality standard.


Our products portfolio includes 84 brands of medications, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.


A distribution network on a global scale ensures the presence of our products in over 40 countries worldwide.


We are constantly open to new commercial opportunities and provide for solid partnership collaborations.




products in the world



72,8 €

million turnover


We work every day to develop synergies that will favour the access to products of guaranteed quality for patients and consumers in the whole world. The creation of a virtuous international network is the objective we are pursuing offering not only provision but a guarantee of continuity, collaborative skills and flexibility with regards to the needs of any specific country.

Today we reach 39 countries in the 5 continents thanks to an efficient network able to distribute and promote 277 products in various formulations.

Products & areas

Our products portfolio and the solutions is able to offer different areas of interest: respiratory system, nervous system, woman wellness and gastroenterology.

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