What is Pharmacovigilance?
Pharmacovigilance is a set of activities that have the goal to detect and assess the adverse reactions produced by Drug and more generally to constantly monitor all the aspects that concern its safety.

What is an adverse event?
An adverse event is:
Any undesired event happening during a pharmacological therapy in consequence of the use or not use of a Drug, however, not strictly connected to the action of the Drug itself.
The adverse drug events include predictable drug adverse events, that is caused by mistake in the therapy and unpredictable drug adverse events, which happen despite its appropriate use, called “drug-adverse reactions” (Ministry of Health)

What to do in case of a suspect adverse reaction
It is possible to carry out a report of suspect adverse reaction as healthcare worker or citizen following the indications from AIFA - Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco at the following address:

In order to report to SIT/Desma Pharmacovigilance person in charge an alleged adverse reaction to one of our products:
Tel. +39 03848071